You're on my profile!

Chances are if you're here you hacked into my account. Or you just stumbled across my profile. I'm just going to assume you're a hacker, ok. Better to be safe than sorry. So yeah welcome to my profile. Good job hacking it. My repls are useless. I like to program Lua and C++ and if you are still reading this it is because you're a legend. Anyway I aspire to make games but I'm not very good. Also If you really read this far shout out to the hackers who actually are willing to read this far on to someone elses long HTML bio thing. Oh well. Have fun hacking my profile. If you see any text below its because that is like a weird to-do list thing of mine. XD (wait all the cool kids say LOL, now.) So, I guess LOL.

make slow and inefficient programsâ˜ș

try to make games and fail

make my weird html bio thing look better

I should have used an unordered list < ul > here but oh well.